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Like the way you speak, dress, & carry yourself,

your online presence
mmunicates who you

your stories. your brand. your ideas. your purpose.

What message are you sending?

A blue boathouse over a dock surrounded by boats on the water. Message Marketing Co.

You're probably a

small business owner or creator.

You may own a bakery or construction company.

You may be a writer or photographer.

Whatever you do,

you're in it for the passion.


The business part, like marketing, isn't your focus

and you'd like to keep it that way.

And you're trying to avoid:

  • Spending precious time that you'd much rather spend elsewhere

  • Stumbling your way through learning something that you don't really care to know

  • The hassle of hiring & training for an in-house position (not to mention, the awkward interviews)

  • Working with someone who doesn't know what they're doing

  • Typos (& all their unpleasant consequences)

A person holds a mug of foamy coffee in a coffee shop with big windows and green plants. Message Marketing Co.

Still, you need more

customers or clients.


You need to earn their trust so you can build loyal relationships with them, too.


This means that you probably need:

  • A professional website that keeps people clicking & makes you look good 

  • Editing that cleans your work up nicely (whether that's a website, article, or even a book)

  • Valuable content that shows you're an expert in your industry (like web copywriting, blog posts, & newsletters)

  • SEO (search engine optimization) that helps your brand rise to the top of Google


That's where we come in.

We're a small marketing studio, which means

our services are focused.

We don't do everything or work with everyone,

but what we do, we do well.


With over

four years of content creation experience

under our belts, our thoughtful content

goes way beyond graphics & gimmicks.


 We aim to truly get to know your business

& figure out what your message is:


The best way to communicate to your customers, clients, or donors why they need what you – & only you have to offer. 

A bird flies over a glassy, teal body of water with an overcast sky featuring a few pink clouds in the background. Message Marketing Co.

We make

content that:

  • Is creative & piques interest

  • Provides value

  • Is audience-minded

  • Uses design to communicate

  • Displays your professionalism

  • Has a consistent voice

  • Establishes your reputation

  • Keeps up with Google

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